2007 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 146

The mirrors can be manually folded inward to
prevent damage when going through an automatic
car wash. To fold, push the mirror toward the
vehicle. To return the mirror to its original position,
push outward. Be sure to return both mirrors to
the unfolded position before driving.
Outside Convex Mirror
Your passenger?s outside rearview mirror is
convex. A convex mirror?s surface is curved so
you can see more from the driver?s seat.
A convex mirror can make things (like
other vehicles) look farther away than
they really are. If you cut too sharply into
the right lane, you could hit a vehicle
on your right. Check your inside mirror
or glance over your shoulder before
changing lanes.
uses several innovative technologies and
live advisors to provide you with a wide range
of safety, security, information, and convenience
services. If your airbags deploy, the system is
designed to make an automatic call to OnStar
Emergency advisors who can request emergency
services be sent to your location. If you lock
your keys in the vehicle, call OnStar
1-888-4-ONSTAR and they can send a signal
to unlock your doors. If you need roadside
assistance, press the OnStar
button and they
can contact Roadside Service for you.