2007 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 17

Rear Seats
Rear Seat Operation (Extended Cab)
If your vehicle has an
extended cab, there may
be forward folding seats
in the rear area.
To fold the rear seat cushion(s) from the stored
position to the sitting position, pull the front of the
seat cushion down completely.
The rear seat storage compartments must be
closed before folding the seat down. See Rear
Storage Area on page 151.
To store the seat, do the following:
Notice: Folding a rear seat with the safety
belts still fastened may cause damage to the
seat or the safety belts. Always unbuckle
the safety belts and return them to their normal
stowed position before folding a rear seat.
1. Secure the safety belt buckle to the inboard side
of the seat with the hook and loop fastener (A),
so that it does not move when not in use.
2. Push the entire seat up until it is ?ush with the
trim panel.