2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 123

OnStar uses several innovative technologies and live
advisors to provide a wide range of safety, security,
information, and convenience services. If the airbags
deploy, the system is designed to make an automatic
call to OnStar Emergency advisors who can request
emergency services be sent to your location.
If the keys are locked in the vehicle, call OnStar at
1-888-4-ONSTAR to have a signal sent to unlock the
doors. OnStar Hands-Free Calling, including 30 trial
minutes good for 60 days, is available on most vehicles.
OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation service, with one trial
route, is available on most vehicles. Press the
OnStar button to have an OnStar advisor contact
Roadside Service.
OnStar service is provided subject to the OnStar Terms
and Conditions included in the OnStar Subscriber
glove box literature.
Some services such as Remote Door Unlock or Stolen
Vehicle Location Assistance may not be available
until the owner of the vehicle registers with OnStar.
After the ?rst prepaid year, contact OnStar to select a
monthly or annual subscription payment plan. If a
payment plan is not selected, the OnStar system and all
services, including airbag noti?cation and emergency
services, may be deactivated and no longer available.
For more information visit onstar.com (U.S.) or onstar.ca
(Canada), or press the OnStar button to speak with
an advisor.
Not all OnStar services are available on all vehicles.
To check if this vehicle is able to provide the services
described below, or for a full description of OnStar
services and system limitations, see the OnStar Owner?s
Guide in the glove box or visit onstar.com (U.S.) or
onstar.ca (Canada), contact OnStar at 1-888-4-ONSTAR
(1-888-466-7827) or TTY 1-877-248-2080, or press
the OnStar button to speak with an OnStar advisor
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.