2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 192

Your Driving, the Road, and
the Vehicle
Driving for Better Fuel Economy
Driving habits can affect fuel mileage. Here are some
driving tips to get the best fuel economy possible.
? Avoid fast starts and accelerate smoothly.
? Brake gradually and avoid abrupt stops.
? Avoid idling the engine for long periods of time.
? When road and weather conditions are appropriate,
use cruise control, if equipped.
? Always follow posted speed limits or drive more
slowly when conditions require.
? Keep vehicle tires properly in?ated.
? Combine several trips into a single trip.
? Replace the vehicle?s tires with the same TPC Spec
number molded into the tire?s sidewall near the size.
? Follow recommended scheduled maintenance.
Defensive Driving
Defensive driving means ?always expect the
unexpected.? The ?rst step in driving defensively is to
wear your safety belt ? See Safety Belts: They Are for
Everyone on page 1-13.
Assume that other road users (pedestrians,
bicyclists, and other drivers) are going to be
careless and make mistakes. Anticipate what they
might do and be ready. In addition:
? Allow enough following distance between you
and the driver in front of you.
? Focus on the task of driving.
Driver distraction can cause collisions resulting in
injury or possible death. These simple defensive
driving techniques could save your life.