2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 230

Add-On Equipment
When you carry removable items, you may need
to put a limit on how many people you carry
inside your vehicle. Be sure to weigh your vehicle
before you buy and install the new equipment.
: Overloading your vehicle may cause
damage. Repairs would not be covered by your
warranty. Do not overload your vehicle.
Remember not to exceed the Gross Axle Weight
Rating (GAWR) of the rear axle.
A reinforcement kit for mounting a toolbox is
recommended. See your dealer/retailer.
Truck-Camper Loading Information
Your vehicle was not designed to carry a slide-in
Pickup Conversion to Chassis Cab
We are aware that some vehicle owners might consider
having the pickup box removed and a commercial or
recreational body installed. However, we recommend
that conversions of this type not be done to pickups.
Owners should be aware that, as manufactured, there
are differences between a chassis cab and a pickup with
the box removed which could affect vehicle safety.
Towing Your Vehicle
To avoid damage, the disabled vehicle should be towed
with all four wheels off the ground. Consult your
dealer/retailer or a professional towing service if the
disabled vehicle must be towed. See Roadside
Assistance Program on page 7-7.
To tow the vehicle behind another vehicle for
recreational purposes (such as behind a motorhome),
see ?Recreational Vehicle Towing? following.