2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 398

Current and Past Model Order Forms
Technical Service Bulletins and Manuals are available
for current and past model GM vehicles. To request
an order form, specify year and model name of
the vehicle.
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Vehicle Data Recording and
Your GM vehicle has a number of sophisticated
computers that record information about the vehicle?s
performance and how it is driven. For example,
your vehicle uses computer modules to monitor and
control engine and transmission performance, to monitor
the conditions for airbag deployment and deploy
airbags in a crash and, if so equipped, to provide
antilock braking to help the driver control the vehicle.
These modules may store data to help your
dealer/retailer technician service your vehicle. Some
modules may also store data about how you operate the
vehicle, such as rate of fuel consumption or average
speed. These modules may also retain the owner?s
personal preferences, such as radio pre-sets, seat
positions, and temperature settings.