2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 88

Battery Replacement
Notice: When replacing the battery, do not touch
any of the circuitry on the transmitter. Static
from your body could damage the transmitter.
To replace the battery:
1. Separate the transmitter with a ?at, thin object
inserted in the slot between the covers of the
transmitter housing.
2. Remove the old battery. Do not use a metal object.
3. Insert the new battery. Replace with a CR2032
or equivalent battery.
4. Put the transmitter back together.
Doors and Locks
Door Locks
Unlocked doors can be dangerous.
? Passengers, especially children, can easily
open the doors and fall out of a moving
vehicle. When a door is locked, the handle
will not open it. You increase the chance of
being thrown out of the vehicle in a crash if
the doors are not locked. So, wear safety
belts properly and lock the doors whenever
you drive.
? Young children who get into unlocked vehicles
may be unable to get out. A child can be
overcome by extreme heat and can suffer
permanent injuries or even death from heat
stroke. Always lock your vehicle whenever
you leave it.
? Outsiders can easily enter through an
unlocked door when you slow down or stop
your vehicle. Locking your doors can help
prevent this from happening.