2009 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 96

Theft-Deterrent Systems
Vehicle theft is big business, especially in some cities.
This vehicle has theft-deterrent features, however,
they do not make it impossible to steal.
Content Theft-Deterrent
If your vehicle has
the Remote Keyless
Entry (RKE) system,
the vehicle has a content
theft-deterrent alarm
To activate the content theft-deterrent system:
1. Close all the doors.
2. Lock the doors with the RKE transmitter.
The security light, located on the instrument
panel cluster, will ?ash.
If the lock button on the RKE transmitter is pressed, but
a door is open, the horn will chirp six times. Press the
lock button again, within three seconds, and the doors
will lock. Close the open door and the system will
be activated.
If a locked door is not opened using the RKE transmitter,
or by OnStar
, the pre-alarm will go off. If the engine
is not started or unlock not pressed within 10 seconds,
the front turn signal lamps will ?ash for two minutes,
and the horn will sound for two minutes, then will turn off
to save the battery power.
Remember, the theft-deterrent system will not activate if
you lock the doors with a key, the manual door lock,
or power door lock switch. The system can only
be activated using the RKE transmitter, or by OnStar
See OnStar
System on page 2-41 for additional
information. You should also remember that you can
start your vehicle with the correct ignition key if the alarm
has been set off.
Here is how to avoid setting off the alarm by accident:
? If you do not want to activate the theft-deterrent
system, the vehicle should be locked with the
door key after the doors are closed.
? Always unlock a door with the RKE transmitter.
Unlocking a door any other way will set off the
If you set off the alarm by accident, you can turn off the
alarm by pressing unlock on the RKE transmitter.
The alarm will not stop if you try to unlock a door any
other way.