2005 GMC Savana Owners Manual PDF | Page 114

Personal Calling
As an OnStar
subscriber, the Personal Calling
capability is available if your hand-held cell phone is
lost, forgotten, or has a low battery. It is a hands-free
wireless phone that is integrated into the vehicle.
Calls can be placed nationwide using simple voice
commands with no additional contracts and no additional
roaming charges. To ?nd out more about OnStar
Personal Calling, refer to the OnStar
user?s guide in
the vehicle?s glove box or visit www.onstar.com or
www.onstarcanada.com; or speak with an OnStar
advisor by pressing the OnStar
button or by calling
1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827).
Virtual Advisor
Virtual Advisor is a feature of OnStar
Personal Calling
that uses minutes to access up-to-date weather and
traffic reports for your area, news and sports updates,
stock quotes, entertainment and more. You are also able
to listen and reply to your E-mail through your vehicle?s
audio system. Customize your information pro?le at
www.myonstar.com. See the OnStar
user?s guide for
more information.
Storage Areas
Your front storage compartment is at the center of the
instrument panel extension, by the ?oor. To open
the compartment, pull up on the latch. The compartment
will open automatically.
Storage compartments may also be included on the
inside of each front door.