2005 GMC Savana Owners Manual PDF | Page 137

To change the current mode, select one of the following:
D (Vent): Use this mode to direct air to the upper
outlets, with a little air directed to the ?oor outlets.
2(Floor): Use this mode to direct most of the air to
the ?oor outlets.
9 (Fan): Turn the left knob clockwise or
counterclockwise to HIGH, MED (Medium) or LOW to
increase or decrease the fan speed in the rear-seating
area. Turn the knob to OFF to turn off the fan.
Temperature Control: To increase or decrease the
temperature for the rear of the vehicle, turn the
right knob located on the climate-control panel.
The air-conditioning system on the main climate-control
panel must be turned on to direct cooled air to the
rear of the vehicle. If it is not on, then the temperature
in the rear of the vehicle will remain at cabin
Be sure to keep the area under the front seats clear of
any objects so that the air inside of your vehicle can
circulate effectively.
For information on how to use the main climate-control
system, see Climate Control System on page 3-18.
For information on ventilation, see Outlet Adjustment on
page 3-20.
Warning Lights, Gages, and
This part describes the warning lights and gages that may
be on your vehicle. The pictures will help you locate them.
Warning lights and gages can signal that something is
wrong before it becomes serious enough to cause an
expensive repair or replacement. Paying attention to your
warning lights and gages could also save you or others
from injury.
Warning lights come on when there may be or is a
problem with one of your vehicle?s functions. As you will
see in the details on the next few pages, some
warning lights come on brie?y when you start the
engine just to let you know they?re working. If you are
familiar with this section, you should not be alarmed
when this happens.
Gages can indicate when there may be or is a problem
with one of your vehicle?s functions. Often gages and
warning lights work together to let you know when there?s
a problem with your vehicle.
When one of the warning lights comes on and stays on
when you are driving, or when one of the gages shows
there may be a problem, check the section that tells you
what to do about it. Please follow this manual?s advice.
Waiting to do repairs can be costly ? and even
dangerous. So please get to know your warning lights
and gages. They?re a big help.