2005 GMC Savana Owners Manual PDF | Page 285

Bulb Replacement
For the proper type of replacement bulbs, see
Replacement Bulbs on page 5-51.
For any bulb changing procedure not listed in this
section, contact your dealer.
Halogen Bulbs
Halogen bulbs have pressurized gas inside
and can burst if you drop or scratch the bulb.
You or others could be injured. Be sure to read
and follow the instructions on the bulb
To remove the headlamp assembly from the vehicle and
access the bulbs, do the following:
1. Open the hood. See Hood Release on page 5-11
for more information.
2. Remove the two bolts from the headlamp assembly.
3. Remove the two pins on the top of the headlamp
assembly. To remove the pins, turn the outer pin
clockwise and pull it straight up. To remove
the inner pin, turn it counterclockwise and pull it
straight up.
4. Lift the inboard side of the headlamp to release the
inboard tab from the radiator support.
5. Lift the outboard side of the headlamp to release
the outboard tab from the radiator support.
6. Lower the headlamp to allow the vertical adjustor to
clear tie bar.
7. Turn the headlamp forward and upward to remove
it from the grille.
8. Turn the bulb connector counterclockwise and pull it
out of the housing.