2005 GMC Savana Owners Manual PDF | Page 322

After installing the spare tire on your vehicle, you should
stop as soon as possible and make sure the spare is
correctly in?ated. Have the damaged or ?at road
tire repaired or replaced as soon as you can and
installed back onto your vehicle. This way, a spare tire
will be available in case you need it again.
Your vehicle may have a different size spare tire than
the road tires ? those originally installed on your
vehicle. This spare tire was developed for use on your
vehicle, so it?s all right to drive on it.
If your vehicle has a spare tire that does not match your
vehicle?s original road tires and wheels in size and
type, do not include the spare in the tire rotation.
Appearance Care
Cleaning products can be hazardous. Some are toxic.
Other cleaning products can burst into ?ames if a match
is struck near them or if they get on a hot part of the
vehicle. Some are dangerous if their fumes are inhaled
in an enclosed space. When anything from a container
is used to clean the vehicle, be sure to follow the
manufacturer?s warnings and instructions. Always open
the doors or windows of the vehicle when cleaning
the inside.
Never use these to clean the vehicle:
? Gasoline
? Benzene
? Naphtha
? Carbon Tetrachloride
? Acetone
? Paint Thinner
? Turpentine
? Lacquer Thinner
? Nail Polish Remover
They can all be hazardous ? some more than
others ? and they can all damage the vehicle, too.
Do not use any of these products unless this manual
says you can. In many uses, these will damage the
? Alcohol
? Laundry Soap
? Bleach
? Reducing Agents