2007 Hummer H2 Owners Manual PDF | Page 115

Midgate Window Error/Jog Mode
If the midgate window has sensed conditions which
may lead to damage or malfunction of the window
system, the window will automatically go into
Error/Jog mode. In this mode, window express
functions will not work. The window can only be
operated manually by pressing the midgate window
switch or the global window button. The window will
move slightly and stop. Press and hold the window
switch or global window button to continue to close
the window a small amount at a time.
To Exit Error/Jog Mode
1. Ensure normal midgate window operating
conditions have begun.
2. Press and hold the midgate window down
switch approximately one second to start
window express-down.
3. Release the window down switch and allow
the window to fully open.
Do not use any window switches once window
movement has started.
4. Press the midgate window up switch and
visually con?rm that the express-up has
been completed.
Sun Visors
Swing the sun visor down to block glare. Swing
the sun visor to the side to cover the side window.
Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirrors
Swing the sun visor down and lift the mirror cover
to turn the lamps on.
Theft-Deterrent Systems
Vehicle theft is big business, especially in some
cities. Although your vehicle has a number of
theft-deterrent features, we know that nothing we
put on it can make it impossible to steal.