2007 Hummer H2 Owners Manual PDF | Page 160

Storage Areas
Glove Box
Open the glove box by pulling the bottom of the
handle upward.
Center Overhead Console
Your vehicle is equipped with either a short or
long overhead console.
To open a door on the console, push on the rear
edge of the door and let it swing open. Push
the door up until it latches to close the door.
The overhead consoles also includes reading
lamps, the Universal Home Remote System
buttons and the sunroof switch (if equipped).
Center Console Storage Area
Your vehicle has a console compartment between
the bucket seats.
To open it, press the button on the side of the
console and swing the console lid open.
Luggage Carrier
If your vehicle has this feature, you can load cargo
on your vehicle.
The luggage carrier consists of siderails attached
to the roof. The crossrails attach into the
siderails and can be moved back and forth to
accommodate securing various cargo sizes.
Notice: Loading cargo on the luggage carrier
that weighs more than 300 lbs. (136 kg) or
hangs over the rear or sides of the vehicle may
damage your vehicle. Load cargo only on
top of the crossrails and tie the cargo down to
the crossrail support cargo tie-down loops,
making sure to fasten it securely.
Your vehicle may have a light bar, do not load
cargo on it. See Off-Road Lamps on page 190 for
more information.
Do not exceed the maximum vehicle capacity
when loading your vehicle. For more information
on vehicle capacity and loading, see Loading Your
Vehicle on page 362.