2007 Hummer H2 Owners Manual PDF | Page 222

Driver Information Center (DIC)
The Driver Information Center (DIC) display is
located on the instrument panel cluster, below the
speedometer. The DIC buttons are located on
the steering wheel. The DIC can display
information such as the trip odometer, fuel
economy, customization features and
warning/status messages.
3 (Trip Information): Press this button to
display the odometer, trip odometers, timer, and
engine hours.
t (Fuel Information): Press this button to
display the current range, fuel used, average fuel
economy, and engine oil life.
4 (Customization): Press this button to access
the vehicle settings menu and customize the
personal settings on your vehicle.
r (Select): Press this button to reset certain
DIC functions and set your customization settings.
Pressing any of the four DIC buttons or the trip
odometer reset stem will acknowledge some DIC
messages and clear them from the DIC display.
DIC Operation and Displays
The Driver Information Center (DIC) comes on
when the ignition is on. After a short delay, the DIC
will display the information that was last displayed
before the engine was turned off.
The DIC has different modes which can be
accessed by pressing the four DIC buttons located
on the steering wheel. These buttons are trip
information, fuel information, customization, and
select. The button functions are detailed in
the following pages.