2007 Hummer H2 Owners Manual PDF | Page 241

Audio System(s)
Determine which radio your vehicle has and then
read the pages following to familiarize yourself
with its features.
Driving without distraction is a necessity for a
safer driving experience. See Defensive Driving on
page 302. By taking a few moments to read this
manual and get familiar with your vehicle?s
audio system, you can use it with less effort, as
well as take advantage of its features. While your
vehicle is parked, set up your audio system by
presetting your favorite radio stations, setting the
tone, and adjusting the speakers. Then, when
driving conditions permit, you can tune to
your favorite stations using the presets and
steering wheel controls if the vehicle has them.
This system provides you with a far greater
access to audio stations and song listings.
Giving extended attention to entertainment
tasks while driving can cause a crash and
you or others can be injured or killed.
Always keep your eyes on the road and
your mind on the drive ? avoid engaging
in extended searching while driving.
Keeping your mind on the drive is important for
safe driving. Here are some ways in which you can
help avoid distraction while driving.