2007 Hummer H2 Owners Manual PDF | Page 369

Towing Your Vehicle
Consult your dealer or a professional towing
service if you need to have your disabled vehicle
towed. See Roadside Assistance Program on
page 542.
If you want to tow your vehicle behind another
vehicle for recreational purposes (such as behind
a motorhome), see ?Recreational Vehicle
Towing? following.
Recreational Vehicle Towing
Recreational vehicle towing means towing your
vehicle behind another vehicle ? such as behind a
motorhome. The two most common types of
recreational vehicle towing are known as ?dinghy
towing? (towing your vehicle with all four wheels
on the ground) and ?dolly towing? (towing
your vehicle with two wheels on the ground and
two wheels up on a device known as a ?dolly?).
With the proper preparation and equipment, many
vehicles can be towed in these ways. See ?Dinghy
Towing? and ?Dolly Towing,? following.
Here are some important things to consider before
you do recreational vehicle towing:
? What?s the towing capacity of the towing
vehicle? Be sure you read the tow vehicle
manufacturer?s recommendations.
? How far will you tow? Some vehicles have
restrictions on how far and how long they
can tow.
? Do you have the proper towing equipment?
See your dealer or trailering professional
for additional advice and equipment
? Is your vehicle ready to be towed? Just as
you would prepare your vehicle for a long
trip, you?ll want to make sure your vehicle is
prepared to be towed. See Before Leaving on
a Long Trip on page 349.