Jaguar XJ 2004 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

The all-new XJ is the first produc-
tion luxury sedan to use rivet-bonded
construction for an aluminum-inten-
sive monocoque structure. Technology
commonly found in aerospace con-
struction, the result is a new XJ body
that is 60 percent stiffer, yet 40 percent
lighter, than its predecessor. Strength
and agility: You will feel the effects of
this combination every time you press
the accelerator of your XJ. While the
all-new 2004 XJ is the first volume
luxury sedan to use rivet-bonded con-
struction for an aluminum-intensive
monocoque structure, it is not the
first Jaguar to employ this lightweight
material. Half a century ago, a team
of D-Type Jaguars, their aluminum
bodies painted British Racing Green,
stunned the motorsports world with
their speed and beauty. Today, you will
find the all-new XJ equally electrifying.
This is precisely how a Jaguar ought
to feel: robust yet refined, agile yet
substantial. In response to the driver’s
commands, it comes alive. Like an
athlete in peak physical condition, its
reflexes are laser-sharp, its move-
ments at once fluid, yet ferociously
powerful. It is the aspiration of Sir
William Lyons now brought to fruition.
EN G I N E E R I N G the all-new XJ required generating all-new ideas. And from that
exercise came the rejuvenation of our body and of our soul.
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