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Date of issue 04/00 Bulletin Number 501-36 Page 1 of 1
04/00V8 XJ Series/XK8
1997 MY-ON XK8 Range
1998 MY-ON V8 XJ Series
Uneven Operation of Windows or Sliding Roof
– Seals Contaminated by Polish –
Noisy operation of sliding roofs may be caused by residues of products applied to the
surrounding paintwork for polishing purposes. This may be especially noticeable at the initial
opening or final closing stages of travel when the weather seal contacts the painted surface of the
roof opening. Similarly, juddering or sticking of moving windows can be caused by residues of
glass polishes becoming embedded in the ‘Furflex’ glass-run channels.
The residues of most modern silicone-free polishes are sticky. Many polishes are water-based
and do not have the silicones that provided lubrication in earlier generations of polishing
products. This lack of lubrication, particularly when wax and chalk residues become embedded
in roof weather seals or glass-run channels, is often the source of noisy or jerky operation.
Do not allow residues of polishing materials to contaminate sliding roof weather seals and glass-
run channels. In addition to causing to sticking and juddering, the chalk-based residues from
certain products cause unsightly light-colored discoloration of ‘Furflex’ seals.
When applying liquid polish, protect the weather seals and glass-run channels from polish by
applying masking tape over the weather seal or ‘Furflex’. The tape should remain in place until
the surface that is being polished has been fully wiped clean and dry. This recommendation
applies both for detailing materials and for materials commonly in paint-shop use; since the
majority of these are now also water-based and silicone-free.
It is also important that windshield glass, in particular, must remain completely free of silicone
residues, because of the detrimental effect that silicones have on wiper blade performance.
Use care when selecting and using polishing materials. Ensure that they are silicone free and
applied according to the above recommendations.
Dealers that sub-contract detailing to specialists must bring the above recommendations to the
attention of the specialists concerned. The Dealer should maintain strict quality control over such
operators’ techniques and the specification of the polishing materials that they may supply and
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