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Date of issue 04/03 Bulletin Number 3-179 Page 1 of 4
2003 MY
Scheduled Maintenance Program -
2003 MY USA Vehicles
We are pleased to announce the details of the 2003 Model Year Scheduled
Maintenance Program. As previously announced, we will continue to offer this
program for all USA 2003 model year vehicles (operated in the United States)
which provides for 4 scheduled 10,000 mile service intervals (10K, 20K, 30K, and
40K) and includes the items identified in the 2003 Model Year Passport To Service
Brochure. This program is part of our continuing effort to achieve “Best in Class”
Customer Satisfaction.
Normal wear items (brake pads, etc) and Service adjustments are not covered
within this maintenance program and are identified in the Passport to Service
Brochure on page 6. Jaguar specifies that the brake fluid be changed at a 2-year
interval. This fluid change is included in the 30,000-mile service interval. The
requirement of a pollen filter change for all S-TYPE models is also included at
each 10,000-mile interval, as well as for the X-TYPE at 20K and 40K intervals. The
maintenance program applies to eligible USA vehicles during their New Car
Warranty Period only.
Service interval summary codes are included in support of this program to ease
the claiming for reimbursement. Parts required to complete the services will be
reimbursed at Jaguar suggested retail rates and are not subject to additional
handling charges. Labor reimbursement will be at your warranty labor rate at the
Jaguar suggested labor operation times to complete each individual service.
Allowances are given on each claim for hazardous waste removal as well as
miscellaneous fluids.
Claims for each of these services will be allowed within 2,500 miles on either side
of the scheduled (i.e. 7.5K-12.5K for the 10,000 mile service interval). Claims may
also be submitted at 12-month intervals, although claims will be accepted up to 14
months, for vehicles that travel less than 10,000 miles annually. Should the
vehicle have a high proportion of short journeys operate in severe conditions,
Jaguar Cars recommends that the maintenance procedures scheduled at 10,000-
mile intervals be performed at intervals that do not exceed 6 months.