Jaguar XK 1998 Misc. Document Limited Throttle Opening PDF

Date of issue 2/98 Bulletin Number 303-24 Page 1 of 3
2/98V8 XJ Series/XK8
Limited Throttle Opening –
Secure Throttle Cable Adjusting Nut –
Recall R466
On some of the above-listed vehicles the potential exists for the adjusting nut on the outer sleeve
of the throttle cable to come out of the cable bracket on the engine. Should this occur, it may
possibly limit the opening of the throttle, even with the accelerator pedal fully depressed to the
A simple modification, as introduced in production on both XK8 and V8 XJ Series Sedan models
at the VINs immediately following the VIN ranges listed above, is required to prevent possible
movement of the adjusting nut. This involves a check of the routing of the throttle cable and
ensuring positive location of the adjusting nut in the bracket.
Arrange for all XK8 and V8 XJ Series Sedan Models within the listed VIN Ranges to be
examined and rectified, as necessary, following the procedure in this bulletin. Action should be
taken immediately in the case of any vehicle brought into your workshop for routine servicing.
Since this notice may receive publicity via the media which may cause unnecessary concern
among customers, you should be prepared to perform the action on request from any transient
customer who may call for advice or request immediate repair action.
Ensure that any showroom, demonstrator, or unsold used vehicle, within the VIN ranges listed, is
included in this Action.
1998 MY XK8 Range
1998 MY V8 XJ Series