Jaguar XK 1999 Misc Document Convertible Top Electrical System PDF

Date of issue 9/98 Amended 1/99 Bulletin Number 501-11 Page 1 of 10
Amended 1/99
1997 MY-ON
XK8 Convertible
Convertible Top Electrical System –
Component Descriptions & Diagnosis
This Technical Bulletin provides information which should enable the diagnosis and repair of
possible malfunctions within the electrical components of the power convertible top system.
Mechanical failures are not covered in this Technical Bulletin.
Refer to section below for component descriptions. Refer to page 5 for fault diagnosis. Refer to
Fig. 15.2 of the XK8 Electrical Guide for an electrical schematic of the convertible top system.
Hydraulic Pump
Located in the right side of the luggage compartment. The pump can be operated in two
directions depending on the required direction of the convertible top (push direction - pistons
extend, pull direction - pistons retract). There is a separate fluid outlet for each direction since
the fluid returns through the other outlet which then functions as an inlet.
Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinders
Located on each side of the rear seat, they are attached between the body and the convertible top
frame. When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the base of the cylinders the pistons extend, raising
the convertible top. Fluid directed to the top of the cylinders cause the pistons to retract, lowering
the convertible top.
Latch Mechanism Hydraulic Cylinder
Located above the windshield in the latch plate assembly, the cylinder controls the convertible
top latching mechanism which basically comprises a claw and two locking pins. The cylinder,
either locks or releases the latching mechanism. At the end of the convertible top closing cycle,
the claw engages the convertible top and pulls it into the latch position, where the locking pins
secure the convertible top in place. On receiving a request for the convertible top to be opened,
the cylinder retracts the two locking pins and opens the claw, releasing the convertible top,
allowing the convertible top cylinders to take over the convertible top opening cycle.
Remove and destroy Bulletin 501-11, dated 9/98.
Replace with this Bulletin.
A description of the convertible top system
opening and closing sequence has been added.