Jaguar XK 1999 Misc. Document AM Radio Station Cut Out PDF

Date of issue 9/98 Amended 3/99 Bulletin Number 415-07 Page 1 of 2
Amended 3/99
V8 XJ Series/XK8
Radio Station Cut Out – RBDS –
Disable Alternative Frequency Feature
Some vehicles may experience breaks in radio reception, without a cause being immediately
apparent. Customers may not be fully aware of the radio’s controls relating to the Radio
Broadcast Data System (RBDS) feature introduced to Jaguar vehicles for the 1998 Model Year.
The RBDS system has a feature called Alternative Frequency which enables the radio to seek a
second frequency of a station to maintain reception when the original signal is weakening.
A number of radio stations have introduced the RBDS system and when the system is correctly
employed, the Alternative Frequency signal broadcast from other transmitters will provide area
coverage for vehicles traveling across that area.
Some radio stations, that transmit on only one frequency, are broadcasting the Alternative
Frequency signal on RBDS. When that transmission is in a weak signal area, the vehicle radio
output cuts out as it seeks an alternative transmitter that does not exist.
Because of customer confusion regarding this feature, the Alternative Frequency mode has
been set to OFF in production starting with VINs 037124 (XK8) and 867504 (V8 XJ Series).
The procedure in this bulletin will ensure that the feature is still set to OFF.
To eliminate this break in radio output, the Alternative Frequency feature of the RBDS should be
switched off using the following method.
1. Press the ‘Tape Eject’ and ‘AM/FM’ buttons simultaneously.
2. The display will show ‘Set Up’. This display will last for 15 seconds, the next operation
must be completed within this period.
3. Press pre-set button 8, to display ‘AF ON’.
4. This display will last for 15 seconds, the next operation must be completed within this
5. Press pre-set button 8 again to display ‘AF OFF’.
1998 MY-ON XK8 Range
1998 MY-ON V8 XJ Series
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