Jaguar XK 2001 Misc. Document Instrument Pack Assembly PDF

Date of issue 08/00 Amended 12/01 Bulletin Number 413-S484 Page 1 of 13
Amended 12/01
V8 XJ Series/XK
2000 MY XK Range
2000 MY V8 XJ Series
Instrument Pack Assembly –
CAN Failure –
Service Action S484
Note: This Service Action has been reissued to stress the need to install a
new backplate in every case except when the instrument pack is
Some vehicles within the above VIN range may display multiple electrical circuit malfunctions
such as:
Multiple warning lights
No messages displayed on the message center
All or some gauges go to zero
Gear selector will not come out of the park position
No A/C operation.
The cause of this has been identified as a Controller Area Network (CAN) failure in the
instrument pack caused by a short to ground. This is due to a combination of pressure from the
instrument pack back plate and possible migration of solder on certain printed circuit board
Check and rework all vehicles in dealer stock or undergoing PDI, within the above VIN range for
possible signs of solder migration. Vehicles already released to customers should be inspected at
the next dealer visit.
Do NOT replace the instrument pack unless the vehicle shows ALL of the above symptoms of
electrical circuit malfunction.
The correct part number for the replacement pack is detailed on the VCATS label located in the
luggage compartment.
To prevent possible duplication of corrective action, once the necessary action required has been
completed, print the service action number (S484) on the VCATS using a suitable waterproof
Note: All vehicles within the above VIN range that do not require
replacement of the instrument pack, must receive a new backplate for
the existing instrument pack. Failure to comply may result in future
warranty claims being debited.
Remove and destroy Bulletin 413-S484, dated 08/00.
Replace with this Bulletin.
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