Jaguar XK 2001 Misc. Document Top Hoses PDF

2001 XK RANGE - Convertible Top - 501-18
Convertible Top Latch Hydraulic Cylinder Hoses 76.86.22
1. Power convertible top to fully lowered position.
2. Remove battery cover and disconnect ground cable from battery terminal. Refer to <<86.15.19>>.
3. Remove trunk floor carpet.
4. Remove trunk front liner. Refer to <<76.19.31>>.
5. Remove trunk rear finisher. Refer to <<76.19.44>>.
6. Remove trunk RH liner.
7. Position a piece of absorbent cloth on trunk floor to protect paintwork from any fluid spillage.
8. Sever and remove tie strap securing hydraulic pump hose to pump harness.
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