Jaguar XK 2002 Misc. Document Hard Start Non Start Condition PDF

Date of issue 06/02 Bulletin Number 303-55 Page 1 of 38
06/02V8 XJ Series/XK
1997-98 MY XK Range
1998 MY V8 XJ Series
1998-99 XJR
Hard Start/Non Start Condition –
AJ26 Engines –
Diagnostic Flowcharts
This bulletin provides diagnostic information organized by symptom.
Before using the guide, check the Symptom Matrix on the next page for the diagnostic flowchart
sequence. For example, if the engine does not crank, work through flow charts P6, P2, P10, P11
etc… Following the flowcharts in the sequence identified will help rectify any concerns while
optimizing the utilization of workshop time.
Caution: When working on any vehicle ensure that exposed paintwork
is protected with the appropriate fender protection covers.
Relay codes and date stamps
Relay date codes come in two forms:
Relays prior to December 1998 have the format: Letter – Number – Letter i.e. R6 K1
Relays post December 1998 have the format: Number – Letter – Letter i.e. 2AB
All date codes are printed in white on the top face of the relay, adjacent to the part number.
Fuel Systems Warning: Working on the fuel system can result in fuel
vapor being emitted into the atmosphere. Fuel vapor is extremely flammable;
hence great care should be taken when working on the fuel system.
Do not smoke in the working area and ensure that there is a CO2 fire
extinguisher close by. The working area must be well ventilated and
extraction equipment used when appropriate. When emptying fuel, use
suitable fireproof equipment and an authorized explosion-proof container.