Jaguar XK 2002 Misc. Document Memory Systems PDF

Date of issue 04/02 Bulletin Number 501-51 Page 1 of 14
04/02V8 XJ Series/XK
1997 MY-ON XK Range
1998 MY-ON V8 XJ Series
Memory Systems –
Driver’s Seat, Steering Column, Door Mirrors
– Diagnostics
This Technical Bulletin provides diagnostic procedures for the memory system which controls
the seat, steering column, and door mirror memory.
In most cases, a memory recall problem is not caused by the memory system itself. There is often
an electrical or mechanical fault with another component, resulting in the memory not recalling
as expected.
Information to aid with diagnosing faults:
Note: This bulletin includes a copy of the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
ref 2241 XK vehicles and ref 2242 V8 XJ vehicles from the Electronic
Product Quality Report (EPQR) system. The information in the FAQ may be
needed to help diagnose the faults.
Please read the ‘Key elements of memory systems’ on pages 9 and 10 of this Technical Bulletin
for help on what memory functions the vehicle has. The table includes information on the
modules used to store memory, the controls used to store and recall memory, and the easy entry/
exit function.
When the customer first reports the concern it is recommended that you complete a ‘customer
memory system questionnaire’ (see page 11) to record all details of the concern.
Whenever possible identify the exact axis that is not recalling correctly, as it will be needed to
help identify the cause of the fault. You should also identify if the memory fails to recall correctly
1. Easy entry/easy exit mode.
2. Memory recall from drivers door switch pack.
3. Memory recall from key fob.
4. Programming of memory system.