Jaguar XK 2002 Misc. Document Purge Valve and Canister Instructions PDF

First Props to the car 2002 Jag XK8
If you are getting a check engine light or a strong gas smell coming from the trunk or the back of the car.
You can have Autozone do a free code search. They will probably find an 0477 or 0455. ((Small EVAP
system leak, or Large EVAP system leak))
There are three major possibilities the first being the purge valve malfunctioning, causing the CCV to
stick open and venting vapors into the back frame of your car. The second is a faulty CCV (Canister Close
Valve) The third is a leak in the tubing or canister system in the rear of the car. I will show you all three.
Purge Valve
Purge Valve removal. Turn your front wheel. Take out the two screws that hold the wheel well on
(Drivers Side) I found you can do everything you need without removing the whole wheel well.
Just pull the wheel well back a little to expose the purge.
Remove the bracket bolts holding the purge valve in place. Next pull the small hose from the bottom of
the purge valve and start the car. You should here a vacuum sound. Put your finger over the hose end