Jaguar XK 2003 Misc. Document Evap Canister Purge Valve PDF

Date of issue 11/03 Bulletin Number 303-62 Page 1 of 2
2003-04 MY
A30645-A36998 (SC)
A30645-A37134 (NA)
Ticking Noise From Left side Footwell –
EVAP Canister Purge Valve –
Repair Procedure
NOTE: The information in Technical Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowl-
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on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service. The procedures should not be
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determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle.
On some 2003-04 MY XK vehicles within the above VIN ranges, customer may have concerns
about a ticking noise coming from the left hand footwell area at low speeds.
A modified Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Canister Purge Valve is now available to address this
concern. After installing this valve the Engine Control Module (ECM) must be reprogrammed.
In case of a verified customer complaint about a ticking noise coming from the left hand footwell
area at low speed, on a 2003-04 MY XK vehicle within the above VIN range, follow the
workshop procedure outlined below:
1. Install the new EVAP Canister Purge Valve (see Workshop Manual, JTIS CD-ROM, section:
303-13, SRO 17.15.30). Disregard the VIN change point in the instructions.
Note: Note:
Note: Note:
Note: Ensure WDS is loaded with software release JTP 759/26 or later.
2. Position WDS alongside the vehicle, switch the Portable Test Unit (PTU) ‘ON’ and allow
the software to load.
3. Connect PTU to the vehicle using diagnostic cable.
4. Enter the vehicle VIN and navigate to configuration main menu.
5. Select and run ‘re-configure existing ECM’ application.
6. After reprogramming of the ECM is complete, switch ‘OFF’ PTU, disconnect from the
vehicle and return WDS to original location.