Jaguar XK 2004 Misc. Document Front Suspension PDF

2004 XK RANGE - Front Suspension - 204-01
Shock Absorber and Spring Assembly 60.30.02
Replacement of nuts and bolts: Various thread-locking devices are used on nuts and bolts
throughout the vehicle. These devices restrict the number of times a nut or bolt can be used. See
section <<100-00>> for information.
Open engine compartment and fit paintwork protection covers to fenders.
2. Raise front of vehicle and support on stands. Refer to section <<100-02>>.
3. Remove front wheel. Refer to section <<204-04>>.
The suspension must remain supported by the jack throughout this operation, to prevent damage
to the upper and lower ball-joints.
Place a jack under the lower wishbone, raise the jack until the weight of the suspension is supported.
5. Remove shock absorber upper-mounting nuts.
1. Remove covers.
2. Vehicles fitted with adaptive damping: disconnect connector.
3. Remove nuts.
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