Jaguar XK 2011 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

Jaguar Platinum Coverage
on all 2011 Jaguar Cars.
Jaguar has a long-standing tradition of creating beautiful, fast cars – and now we’ve created
an ownership experience to match. The passion we put into building our award-winning
line-up of vehicles continues long after you drive away in one with a best-in-class ownership
program called Jaguar Platinum Coverage. For 5 years/50,000 miles on all 2011 Jaguar
cars, Jaguar Platinum Coverage includes complimentary scheduled maintenance, no-cost
replacement of wear and tear items, 5/50 new vehicle limited warranty and 24/7 roadside
assistance. The only thing that surpasses the beauty of driving a 2011 Jaguar car is the beauty
of owning one.
* Jaguar Platinum Coverage includes all factory recommended scheduled maintenance for ve years or 50,000
miles, whichever occurs rst. Wear and tear items are limited to brake pads, brake discs, brake uid changes
and wiper blade inserts based on factory specied wear limits or intervals. All work must be performed by an
authorized Jaguar dealer. For complete details on Jaguar Platinum Coverage, including warranty and maintenance
coverage and exclusions, please visit your local Jaguar dealer or JAGUARUSA.COM
Vehicle shown: 2011 XK Coupe in Liquid Silver with optional 20D Kalimos alloy wheels