Jaguar XK Misc. Document RHD Gauge Cluster Retrofit PDF

2 Rev 1.1RHD June 11, 2011
1. Obtain a new or used gauge triple gauge cluster and the gauge cluster wood panel trim.
2. Disconnect the battery.
3. Remove the main (speedometer) gauge cluster wood paneling. See
4. Remove the navigation trim panel. See
5. Remove the 4 screws securing the navigation monitor and unplug the 2 connectors at the navigation
monitor. These connectors are removed by depressing the tab and pulling.
6. Thread the nylon tab from the cable pulling tool into the cable opening for the navigation connectors
and fish it around into the gap under the navigation/triple gauge mounting tray. You may need to pre-
bend the nylon tab to make this work and it may take a few tries to thread it through.