Mazda MX 5 2007 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

What you want. What you need. What you deserve. The genuine article. The real deal. An authentic, two-seat sports car. And not
just any sports car. Not some patchwork of parts-bin components. Not some overweight, unproven pretender. Not some two-seater
whose sole strength is merely seductive sheet metal. You deserve a purpose-built sports car. One that’s athletic and agile. One that’s
responsive and track-refined. One whose eye-catching curves and compelling character reflect three generations of painstaking
improvements and a renowned racing heritage. One whose fun-to-drive design and exhilarating performance have already planted
grins on the faces of more than 750,000 owners. And on the faces of countless other Mazda MX-5 Miata test-drivers—just like yours.
It all comes back to you.