Mazda MX 5 2012 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

What do you drive?
Is it inspiring?
What were the people who built your car thinking?
Are they just another behemoth carmaker following the rules?
Or do they break them?
Do they push the boundaries of tradition and habit
to achieve the unachieved?
Are they insightful craftsmen,
obsessing over the details with a crazed passion?
Building less
building better
for a discerning few?
Are you one of the few
who cares about what you drive,
how it drives
and the way it makes you feel?
We’re with you.
Because we believe if it’s not worth driving,
it’s not worth building.
We build Mazdas.
What do you drive?
It takes two to be one.
Something almost symbiotic happens when a car
and driver are in perfect harmony. Case in point,
the Mazda MX-5 Miata. To engineer a vehicle that
seems to anticipate a driver’s every move requires
obsessively reengineering every part to work
together in perfect harmony. To achieve that, the
engineers at Mazda took into account every bolt,
every wire and every stitch to achieve near perfect
50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution, resulting
in a car that is perfectly balanced. Well, almost.
The MX-5 is precisely engineered to account for
one more variable—you, the driver. And in doing so,
they created a vehicle that couldn’t be balanced
until a driver is sitting in the drivers seat. The
result: You complete it. Because at Mazda, we don’t
just engineer cars. We engineer harmony.