Mazda MX 5 2014 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

It takes conviction to stand up to the naysayers.
A creative fire that’s unafraid of the blank page.
And the courage to flip conventional wisdom on its head.
Because this is the only way to change the game.
And the only way to build cars worth driving.
Today, Mazda is changing the game.
With innovative thinking and technologies.
Head-turning designs. And performance that never compromises.
Making every Mazda more exhilarating to drive.
These are actions, not words. Proof, not theories.
Making the impossible possible. This is the Mazda Way.
For 15th century Japanese horse archers, complete freedom with the bow and arrow came only with an unwavering bond to the horse galloping
beneath them. With this trust in place, along with carefully acquired skills with the bow and arrow, archers caught food to feed their families
and fought wars to protect them. Today, this concept of jinba ittai, or “rider and horse as one,” is the inspiration for the MX-5 Miata—a car so
precisely tuned with its driver, it’s undeniably enjoyable to drive.
Jinba ittai, or ‘rider and horse as one,’ was our guiding principle during
the MX-5’s development. The result is a car so nimble, well-balanced
and fun to drive that the driver and car achieve true unity.”
Takao Kijima: Program Manager,
Mazda MX-5 Miata (1995–2007)