Mazda RX 7 1981 Workshop Manual Training PDF

This document is brought to you through the kind services of
Kevin Wright
who laboriously scanned and assembled the document provided by Ron Slabach
(xanth[email protected].Thanks, Ron!) into a PDF!
You can navigate the document by using the bookmarks I’ve provided, and the
Index page entries are hotlinked to the appropriate chapter.
Only the pages pertaining to RX-7s were scanned, so there will be gaps in the
page numbers. Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything!
The original document is © 1980 Toyo Kogyo Co., LTD, and remains so.
This version is provided as a service for owners of first generation Mazda RX-7s
who are having a devil of a time locating the factory service manuals and dealer
mechanic’s materials for a reasonable price.
If you really want to send me money, email me and I’ll tell you where to send it,
but it’s not necessary. Consider this payback for all the good advice and
information gleaned from the various RX-7 email lists!
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