Mercedes C 280 1999 Owners Manual PDF

Drive Sensibly - Save Fuel
Fuel consumption, to a great extent, depends on driving habits and operating conditions. To save fuel you should:
• keep tires at the recommended inflation pressures,
• remove unnecessary loads,
• remove roof rack when not in use,
• allow engine to warm up under low load use,
• avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration,
• have all maintenance work performed at regular intervals by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Fuel consumption is also increased by driving in cold weather, in stop-and-go traffic, on short trips and in hilly country.
1-800-FOR MERCEDES (in the USA.)
1-800-387-0100 (in Canada)
What You Should Know
at the Gas Station
To prevent fuel vapors from escaping into open air, fully insert filler nozzle unit. Only fill fuel tank until the filler nozzle
unit cuts out - do not overfill. Leaving the engine running and the fuel cap open can cause the "Check Engine" lamp to
illuminate. Use premium unleaded gasoline: Posted Octane Index 91 (Average of 96 RON/86 MON).
Fuel tank capacity approx. 16.4 US gal (62.0 I).
This includes approx. 2.1 US gal (8.0 I) reserve.
Warning !
Gasoline is highly flammable and poisonous, it burns violently and can cause serious injury. Whenever you
are around gasoline, avoid inhaling fumes and skin contact, extinguish all smoking materials. Never allow
sparks, flame or smoking materials near gasoline!
Engine Oil:
Engine oil level check, see Index.
Fill quantity between upper and lower dipstick marking level: 2.1 US qt (2.0 I).
Recommended engine oils, see Index.
Spark Plugs:
Approved spark plugs, refer to "Technical Data".
For normal replenishing, use water (potable water quality).
For further information (e.g. anticorrosion/antifreeze), refer to Index.