Mini Cooper S Countryman 2016 Owners Manual PDF | Page 212

Everything from A to Z
ABS, Antilock Brake Sys‐
tem 84
Acoustic signal, refer to Check
Control 67
Activated charcoal filter with
automatic climate con‐
trol 95
Adaptive Light Control 71
Additives, engine oil 169
Airbags 74
Airbags, indicator/warning
light 77
Air circulation, refer to Recir‐
culated air mode, air condi‐
tioner 92
Air circulation, refer to Recir‐
culated air mode, automatic
climate control 94
Air conditioning 91
Air conditioning mode, air
conditioner 91
Air conditioning mode, auto‐
matic climate control 93
Air distribution, air condi‐
tioner, manual 92
Air distribution, automatic 94
Air distribution, automatic cli‐
mate control, manual 94
Air distribution, individual 92
Air drying, refer to Cooling
function 95
Air flow rate for air condi‐
tioner 91
Air flow rate with automatic
climate control 94
Air pressure, refer to Tire infla‐
tion pressure 154
Air supply, air conditioner 91
Air supply, automatic climate
control 93
Alarm system 30
Alarm system, avoiding unin‐
tentional alarms 32
Alarm system, ending an
alarm 31
Alarm system, interior motion
sensor 32
Alarm system, tilt alarm sen‐
sor 31
ALL4 all-wheel system 86
All-wheel drive, refer to
ALL4 86
Alternating-code hand-held
transmitter 97
Ambient lighting 73
Antifreeze, washer fluid 56
Antilock Brake System,
ABS 84
Anti-slip control, refer to Dy‐
namic Stability Control
DSC 84
Anti-theft protection 21
Approved engine oils 169
Ashtray 100
Assistance, roadside 184
Assistance when driving off,
refer to Hill drive-off assis‐
tant 86
Assistance with starting en‐
gine, refer to Jump-start‐
ing 184
Automatic air distribution 94
Automatic air flow 94
Automatic car wash 190
Automatic climate control 93
Automatic climate control, au‐
tomatic air distribution 94
Automatic, cruise control 88
Automatic headlight con‐
trol 69
Automatic transmission with
Steptronic 57
AUTO program with auto‐
matic climate control 94
AUX-IN port 132
Average fuel consumption 63
Average fuel consumption,
setting the unit 64
Average speed 63
Average speed, refer to Com‐
puter 62
Backrest curvature, refer to
Lumbar support 37
Backrests, refer to Seats 36
Backup lights, bulb replace‐
ment 179
Battery disposal 30
Battery, refer to Vehicle bat‐
tery 182
Battery, remote control 20
Battery replacement, remote
control 30
Belts, refer to Safety belts 38
Belt tensioners, refer to Safety
belts 38
Bi-xenon headlights 175
Brake assistant 84
Brake discs, breaking in 112
Brake fluid, refer to Service re‐
quirements 66
Brake force distribution, elec‐
tronic 84
Brake pads, breaking in 112
Brake, refer to Parking
brake 52
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Everything from A to Z
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