Thank you for selecting a MITSUBISHI MOTORS prod-
uct as your new vehicle.
This owner’s manual will add to your understanding and full enjoy-
ment of the many fine features of this vehicle.
It contains information prepared to acquaint you with the proper way
to operate and maintain your vehicle for the utmost in driving pleasure.
make changes in design and specifications and/or to make additions to
or improvements in this product without obligation to install them on
products previously manufactured.
It is an absolute requirement for the driver to strictly observe all laws
and regulations concerning vehicles.
This owner’s manual has been written in compliance with such laws
and regulations, but some of the contents may become contradictory
with later amendment of the laws and regulations.
Please leave this owners manual in this vehicle at time of resale. The
next owner will appreciate having access to the information contained
in this owners manual.
Throughout this owners manual the words WARNING and CAU-
TION appear.
These serve as reminders to be especially careful. Failure to follow
instructions could result in personal injury or damage to your vehi-
indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury or death if
instructions are not followed.
means hazards or unsafe practices that could cause minor per-
sonal injury or damage to your vehicle.
You will see another important symbol:
NOTE: gives helpful information.
*: indicates optional equipment.
It may differ according to the sales classification; refer to the
sales catalogue.
©2013 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
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