Nissan 350Z Workshop Manual 2003 (9) PDF | Page 4

Precautions for Battery Service AFS0016E
This vehicle is equipped with the automatic window adjusting function. When a door is opened, the window
automatically lowers slightly to avoid contact between the window and the side roof panel. After the door is
closed, the window will automatically raise slightly.
On vehicles equipped with the automatic window adjusting function, lower both the driver and front passenger
side windows before disconnecting the battery cables. This will prevent interference between the side window
and the roof panel when either door is opened/closed.
After the battery cables are disconnected, do not open/close the driver and/or front passenger door
with the window in the full up position. The automatic window adjusting function will not work and the
side roof panel may be damaged.
Precautions for Brake System AFS0010P
? Recommended fluid is brake fluid ?DOT 3?.
? Never reuse drained brake fluid.
? Be careful not to splash brake fluid on painted areas such as body. If brake fluid is splashed, wipe it off
and flush area with water immediately.
? Never use mineral oils such as gasoline or kerosene to clean. They will ruin rubber parts and cause
improper operation.
? Using a flare nut torque wrench, securely tighten brake tube
flare nuts.
? Brake system is an important safety part. If a brake fluid leak is
detected, always disassemble the affected part. If a malfunction
is detected, replace part with a new one.
? Before working, turn ignition switch OFF.
? When installing brake piping, be sure to check torque.
Precautions for Brake Control AFS0010Q
? During ABS operation, brake pedal lightly vibrates and a mechanical noise may be heard. This is normal.
? Just after starting vehicle after ignition switch ON, brake pedal may vibrate or motor operating noise may
be heard from engine compartment. This is a normal status of operation check.
? Stopping distance may be longer than that of vehicles without ABS when vehicle drives on rough, gravel,
or snow-covered (fresh, deep snow) roads.
? When an error is indicated by ABS or another warning lamp, collect all necessary information from cus-
tomer (what symptoms are present under what conditions) and check for simple causes before starting
diagnostic servicing. Besides electrical system inspection, check booster operation, brake fluid level, and
oil leaks.
? If tire size and type are used in an improper combination, or brake pads are not Genuine NISSAN parts,
stopping distance or steering stability may deteriorate.
? If there is a radio, antenna, or antenna lead-in wire (including wiring) near control module, ABS function
may have a malfunction or error.
? If aftermarket parts (car stereo, CD player, etc.) Have been installed, check for incidents such as harness
pinches, open circuits, and improper wiring.
Diagnosis Precaution AFS0010R
? Do not apply voltage of 7.0V or higher to terminal to be measured.
? Maximum open terminal voltage of tester in use shall be 7.0V or lower.
? Before checking harnesses, turn ignition switch to OFF and disconnect battery negative cable.