Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2004 (10) PDF | Page 14

Revision: 2004 December 2004.5 350Z
? Be sure to apply grease to the points specified. Otherwise, noise, poor disengagement, or damage
to the clutch may result. Excessive grease may cause slip or quiver. Wipe off any grease oozing
from the parts.
? Be careful not to bring any grease into contact with the clutch disc facing, pressure plate surface,
or flywheel surface.
1. Using a drift, install release bearing to release bearing sleeve.
Press bearing inner race by pushing with a drift.
2. Following the instructions below, apply grease to the specified points.
Wipe off any old grease, debris, or powdery residue left on the surfaces.
? Evenly apply a 1 mm thick coating of recommended grease to withdrawal lever and release bearing
sleeve or holder spring sliding surface.
? Apply recommended grease to ball pin contact surface of the withdrawal lever and inner slots of the
release bearing. The grease surface should be level with the surrounding area.
? Evenly apply a thin coat of recommended grease to the release bearing sliding surface. Install release
bearing. Wipe off any excess grease that oozes from the parts and then remove release bearing.
3. To install, reverse the removal procedure, following the cautions below.
? Before installing manual transmission to the vehicle, check that each sliding surface slides
smoothly by operating withdrawal lever.
? When assembling, make sure that both ends of snap
spring touch the end face of withdrawal lever.
? Be careful with the orientation of installation.
Tool number : KV 30101400 ( ? )