Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2004 (10) PDF | Page 2

Revision: 2004 December 2004.5 350Z
Precautions for Battery Service ACS006FW
Before disconnecting the battery, lower both the driver and passenger windows. This will prevent any interfer-
ence between the window edge and the vehicle when the door is opened/closed. During normal operation, the
window slightly raises and lowers automatically to prevent any window to vehicle interference. The automatic
window function will not work with the battery disconnected.
Caution ACS004MV
? Recommended fluid is brake fluid ?DOT 3?.
? Never reuse drained brake fluid.
? Be careful not to splash brake fluid on painted areas.
? When removing and installing clutch piping, use Tool.
? Use new brake fluid to clean or wash all parts of master cyl-
inder and operating cylinder.
? Never use mineral oils such as gasoline or kerosene. It will
ruin the rubber parts of the hydraulic system.
After cleaning clutch disc, wipe it with a dust collector. Do not
use compressed air.