Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2004 (10) PDF | Page 6

Revision: 2004 December 2004.5 350Z
Removal and Installation ACS004N0
1. Remove kicking plate. Refer to EI-37, "Removal and Installation (for Roadster Models)" .
2. Remove footrest. Refer to EI-43, "
Removal and Installation" .
3. Remove dash side finisher (LH). Refer to IP-11, "
Removal and Installation" .
4. Remove instrument driver panel lower. Refer to IP-11, "
Removal and Installation" .
5. Remove VDC/TCS/ABS control unit. (VDC/TCS/ABS model) Refer to BRC-144, "
Removal and Installa-
tion" .
6. Remove the clutch interlock switch and ASCD clutch switch connector and harness.
7. Remove the snap pin and clevis pin.
8. Remove the pedal bracket mounting bolt and nuts and then remove the clutch pedal assembly.
? Check clutch pedal for bend, damage, or a cracked weld. If bend, damage, or a cracked weld is found,
replace the clutch pedal assembly.
To install, reverse the removal procedure, following the cautions below:
? Install clutch pedal assembly and adjust the pedal height. Tighten ASCD clutch switch lock nut to the
specified torque.
? After installing the clutch interlock switch, adjust the switch position.
Tighten the ASCD clutch switch lock nut to the specified torque after installing the clutch pedal assembly in the
vehicle and adjusting the pedal height.
1. Clutch interlock switch 2. Bracket 3. Clevis pin
4. Pedal stopper rubber 5. Clutch pedal 6. Stopper rubber
7. Pedal pad 8. ASCD clutch switch 9. Bushing
10. Snap pin