Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2005 (15) PDF | Page 4

Revision: 2005 August 2005 350Z
Precautions for Procedures without Cowl Top Cover ABS00H53
When performing the procedure after removing cowl top cover, cover
the lower end of windshield with urethane, etc.
Precautions for Battery Service ABS00B4N
Before disconnecting the battery, lower both the driver and passenger windows. This will prevent any interfer-
ence between the window edge and the vehicle when the door is opened/closed. During normal operation, the
window slightly raises and lowers automatically to prevent any window to vehicle interference. The automatic
window function will not work with the battery disconnected.
Precautions for Drain Engine Coolant ABS009Y1
Drain engine coolant when engine is cooled.
Precautions for Disconnecting Fuel Piping ABS009Y2
? Before starting work, make sure no fire or spark producing items are in the work area.
? Release fuel pressure before disconnecting and disassembly.
? After disconnecting pipes, plug openings to stop fuel leakage.
Precautions for Removal and Disassembly ABS009Y3
? When instructed to use special service tools, use specified tools. Always be careful to work safely, avoid
forceful or uninstructed operations.
? Exercise maximum care to avoid damage to mating or sliding surfaces.
? Cover openings of engine system with tape or equivalent, if necessary, to seal out foreign materials.
? Mark and arrange disassembly parts in an organized way for easy troubleshooting and re-assembly.
? When loosening bolts and nuts, as a basic rule, start with the one furthest outside, then the one diagonally
opposite, and so on. If the order of loosening is specified, do exactly as specified. Power tools may be
used in the step.
Precautions for Inspection, Repair and Replacement ABS009Y4
Before repairing or replacing, thoroughly inspect parts. Inspect new replacement parts in the same way, and
replace if necessary.
Precautions for Assembly and Installation ABS009Y5
? Use torque wrench to tighten bolts or nuts to specification.
? When tightening bolts and nuts, as a basic rule, equally tighten in several different steps starting with the
ones in center, then ones on inside and outside diagonally in this order. If the order of tightening is speci-
fied, do exactly as specified.
? Replace with new gasket, packing, oil seal or O-ring.
? Dowel pins are used for several parts alignment. When replacing and reassembling with dowel pins, make
sure that dowel pins are installed in the original portion.
? Thoroughly wash, clean, and air-blow each part. Carefully check engine oil or engine coolant passages for
any restriction and blockage.
? Avoid damaging sliding or mating surfaces. Completely remove foreign materials such as cloth lint or dust.
Before assembly, oil sliding surfaces well.
? Release air within route when refilling after draining engine coolant.