Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2005 (28) PDF | Page 24

Revision: 2005 August 2005 350Z
Changing A/T Fluid ALS000QJ
1. Warm up ATF.
2. Stop engine.
3. Loosen the level gauge bolt.
4. Drain ATF from drain plug and refill with new ATF. Always refill same volume with drained fluid.
? To replace the ATF, pour in new fluid at the charging pipe with the engine idling and at the same time
drain the old fluid from the radiator cooler hose return side.
? When the color of the fluid coming out is about the same as the color of the new fluid, the replacement
is complete. The amount of new transmission fluid to use should be 30 to 50% increase of the stipu-
lated amount.
? Use only Genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF. Do not mix with other fluid.
? Using automatic transmission fluid other than Genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF will cause deterio-
ration in driveability and automatic transmission durability, and may damage the automatic
transmission, which is not covered by the warranty.
? When filling ATF, take care not to scatter heat generating parts such as exhaust.
? Do not reuse drain plug gasket.
5. Run engine at idle speed for 5 minutes.
6. Check fluid level and condition. Refer to MA-22, "
Checking A/T Fluid" . If fluid is still dirty, repeat step 2.
through 5.
7. Install the removed A/T fluid level gauge in the A/T fluid charging pipe.
8. Tighten the level gauge bolt.
Checking Differential Gear Oil ALS000NK
Check for oil leakage. Refer to RFD-9, "Checking Differential Gear
Oil" .
Changing Differential Gear Oil ALS000NL
1. Drain oil from drain plug and refill with new gear oil. Refer to RFD-9, "Changing Differential Gear Oil" .
Level gauge bolt:
: 5.1Nm (0.52 kg-m, 45 in-lb)
A/T fluid: Genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF
Fluid capacity: 10.3 (10-7/8 US qt, 9-1/8 lmp qt)
Drain plug:
: 34 Nm (3.5 kg-m, 25 ft-lb)
Level gauge bolt:
: 5.1 Nm (0.52 kg-m, 45 in-lb)