Nissan 350Z Workshop Maunual 2005 (9) PDF | Page 28

Revision: 2005 August 2005 350Z
Correct and Quick Diagnosis AFS00296
? Before performing the trouble diagnosis, always read the general information (GI) to confirm the general
precautions. Refer to
? After completing service, always erase the self-diagnosis results. Refer to BRC-20, "CONSULT- II Func-
tions" .
? When inspection of the continuity or voltage between units is performed, check connector terminals for
disconnection, looseness, bend, or collapse. If any non-standard condition is detected, repair or replace
applicable part.
? Intermittent errors may be caused by a poor connection in the harness, connector, or terminal. Move har-
nesses, harness connectors, or terminals by hand to make sure all connections are solid and undamaged.
? If a circuit tester is used for the check, be careful not to forcibly extend any connector terminal.
? ABS is a system that uses electronic control to perform brake control and engine power control. There-
fore, phenomena like those shown in the following table may occur, but this is because the system is
working normally.
ABS Warning Lamp, TCS OFF Indicator Lamp, SLIP Indicator Lamp On/Off Timing
: ON ?: OFF
: Applicable
?: Not applicable
Symptom Symptom description Result
Motor operation noise
This is the sound of the motor operating inside ABS actuator, and there
may be some low sounds while the TCS or ABS is operating.
Just after the engine starts, the motor operating noise may be heard.
This is a normal status of the system operation check.
System operation check
When the engine is started, you may barely be able to hear a slight
thudding sound from the engine room, but this sound is made by the
system operation check and is normal.
ABS operation (longer stop-
ping distance)
Stopping distance may be longer for vehicles with ABS when the vehicle
drives on rough or snow-covered roads. Use lower speeds when driving
on these kinds of roads.
Condition ABS warning lamp Remarks
Ignition switch OFF ? ?
For approximately ?1? second after ignition switch
After approximately ?1? second after ignition
switch ON. (When system is normal)
? Turns off 2 second after engine start
ABS error
When there is an ABS actuator and electric unit
error (power or ground error)