Opel Corsa 2010 Owners Manual PDF | Page 6

6 In brief
In brief
Initial drive information
Vehicle unlocking
Turn the key in the driver's door lock
to the front or press button q to
unlock the doors and load
compartment. Open the doors by
pulling the handles. To open the
tailgate, pull the button under the
tailgate moulding.
Radio remote control 3 19, Central
locking system 3 21, Load
compartment 3 24.
Seat adjustment
Seat positioning
Pull handle, slide seat, release
Seat adjustment 3 35, Seat position
3 34.

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6 In briefIn briefInitial drive informationVehicle unlockingTurn the key in the driver's door lockto the front or press button q tounlock the doors and loadcompartment. Open the doors bypulling the handles. To open thetailgate, pull the button under thetailgate moulding.Radio remote control 3 19, Centrallocking system 3 21, Loadcompartment 3 24.Seat adjustmentSeat positioningPull handle, slide seat, releasehandle.Seat adjustment 3 35, Seat position3 34.