Porsche 911 Misc Documents Maintenance Schedule PDF

Major maintenance
at 30 000, 60 000, 90 000, 120 000 miles etc. / 48 000, 96 000, 144 000, 192 000 km etc.
Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
Polyrib belt: Check condition
Underside of vehicle & engine compartment: Visual inspection for leaks (oils & fluids) & chafing (wires, lines & hoses)
Check that the underbody paneling is securely fastened – replace any damaged and/or missing panels
Coolant hoses: Check condition. Radiators and air inlets: Visual inspection for external debris and blockage
Coolant: Check level and antifreeze
Pollen filter: Replace filter element
Fuel system: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing and firm seating of the line connections
Power-assisted steering: Check fluid level
Parking brake: Check free play of the parking brake lever
Brake system: Visual inspection of the brake pads and brake discs for signs of wear
Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing and corrosion
Brake fluid: Check level
Clutch: Check play or final position of pedal
Throttle actuation: Check smoothness of operation, full-throttle position with the tester
Steering gear: Visual inspection of the bellows for signs of damage
Tie rod ends: Check play and dust boots
Axle joints: Check play, visual inspection of the dust boots for signs of damage
Check tightness on the front and rear suspension adjustment points
Drive shafts: Visual inspection of the boots for leaks and signs of damage
Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and signs of damage, check mounts
Tires and spare wheel: Check condition and tire pressure
Check firewall and cabrio section body drains for debris
Door locks, lid locks & safety hook of the front lid: Check to ensure that they are adjusted and function properly
Seat belts: Check operation and condition
Vehicle lights: Check operation. All headlights: Check alignment
Horn: Check operation
Windshield washer, headlight washer: Check fluid level & nozzle settings, make sure to check the antifreeze during
winter months
All other electrical equipment as well as indicator and warning lights: Check operation
During road or dynamometer test:
Remote control, front seats, foot brake & parking brake (also operating travel), engine, clutch, steering, transmission,
ParkAssist, automatic speed control, TC/PSM switches, heater, air-conditioning system & instruments: Check operation
Oils, fluids: Visual inspection for leaks
Additional maintenance every 60 000 miles / 96 000 km
Replace spark plugs: 2001 911 (996) and Boxster (earlier 911 (996), Boxster and Turbo see 30 000 mile schedule)
Replace Polyrib belt
Fuel Filter: Replace filter
Additional maintenance every 90 000 miles / 144 000 km
Manual transmission: Change oil
Automatic transmission: Change ATF and ATF-filter
Differential: Change oil (includes front differential if equipped)
Maintenance every 2 years
Change brake fluid (only use Genuine Porsche Brake Fluid)
Change engine oil and filter (on low mileage vehicle that have not received a scheduled major maintenance)
Maintenance after 4, 8 and 10 years, thereafter every 2 years
Check airbag system
Check rollover protection system (if equipped)
Scheduled maintenance points
The terms “inspect” and “check” include all associated work such as checking the condition, adjustments, readjustments, corrections and replenish-
ment. They do not include the repair, replacement or overhaul of components or assemblies. The maintenance points are valid for all vehicle types of
the model line in question.
The recommended service intervals and scope of work apply under normal driving conditions and do not take into account all optional equipment.
Dusty areas require more frequent checking and possible replacement of the air filter elements. The radiators and cooling air inlets in the front should
be checked and cleaned regularly if the car is driven on very dirty roads. Tire, clutch and brake wear as well as the condition of the engine oil are all
largely dependent on driving habits, and operating conditions. You should perform maintenance on these items more frequently under such operating
conditions. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the value of your Porsche and safeguard its functional capability.
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Porsche Cars North America, Inc., Porsche Publications – Edition 6/03 Part Number – PNA 000 162 B