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FABIA 2000 Body Work
Rear-view mirrorEdition 11.99
66-2 page 1
66-2 Rear-view mirror
Summary of components of rear-view mirror
1- Damping
2- 10 Nm
3- Cover
4- Clip
5 - Mirror adjustment
6- Nut
7 - Electrical plug connection
T for electric mirror adjustment
8 - Control cables
T for manual mirror adjustment
9 - Mirror housing
10 - Mirror glass
T Clippen on for both versions
(manual and electric adjust-
T Removing:
? Disconnect electric plug con-
nection for electric mirror
heating (if available).
? First push out mirror glass at
the bottom then at the top
(special tool -MP 8-506- oth-
erwise -MP 8-602/1-). Pro-
tect mirror housing for
T Installing:
The installation occurs in re-
verse order.
Make sure you only press the
center of the glass - protective
gloves and safety goggles must be worn.
11 - Wiring loom
T only for electrically adjustable outside mirror.