4) Automatic transmission case
Transmission case (Defective casting)
Mating surface of oil pan
O-ring on the test plugs
Oil supply pipe connector
ATF cooler pipe connector and gasket
Oil pan drain plug
O-ring on the transmission harness holder
Oil pump plugs
ATF breather
Select lever oil seal
O-ring on the vehicle speed sensor 2 (Front)
O-ring on the turbine revolution sensor
ATF filter oil seal
5) Extension case
Extension case (Defective casting)
O-ring on the vehicle speed sensor 1 (Rear)
Rear drive shaft oil seal
O-ring on the test plugs
2. Inhibitor Switch
When driving condition or starter motor operation
is erroneous, first check the shift linkage for
improper operation. If the shift linkage is function-
ing properly, check the inhibitor switch.
1) Disconnect inhibitor switch connector.
2) Check continuity in inhibitor switch circuits with
select lever moved to each position.
Also check that continuity in ignition circuit
does not exist when select lever is in R, D, 3, 2
and 1 ranges.
If inhibitor switch is inoperative, check for poor con-
tact of connector on transmission side.
Signal sent to TCM
Position Pin No.
P 4?3
R 4?2
N 4?1
D 4?8
3 4?7
2 4?6
1 4?5
Ignition circuit P/N 12 ? 11
Back-up light circuit R 10 ? 9
2. Inhibitor Switch